3 Entrances Neals yard: part 2

Three routes lead to one destination

Neal’s Yard: Part 2


Wide tunnel, slightly curves round the bend revealing an ongoing construction, construction structure concealed with synthetic greenery, green moss sheets hung low as ceiling and fairly lights encase metal poles. One side of the wall displays an illustration spray painted by Banksy. This route is most intriguing to walk through.



Tall narrow, open path structured by the walls of neighbouring buildings. The walls are coated in brightly coloured paint, pastel hues are vibrant and engaging. Surrounded by more people.


Slightly narrower route, deep tunnel. From afar it looks dark and seems like a private area. Painted bricks connected with retail store left and right. Less people around this area. This route gives off a slightly more serious vibe, it appears less inviting.

The different entrances each has it’s own characteristics, this changes the atmosphere and the way you travel, having three options, route 3 seems to set it’s own territory in that it looks as if the path belongs to the retail store. There are no signs outside either with a dim tunnel, therefore it appears less approachable while route two is an open path with more people occupying the area.