Security robots vs human security guards

I recently read an article on Dezeen about Security Robots, so I decided to research more on the subject.  It has been introduced in some countries such as America, they have developed the Knightscope K5 security Robots, in Singapore they have taken the interest in the O-R3 security robot which operates on artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the company OTSAW. These security robots take over peoples role as a security guard, the robots are designed to patrol gateways and paths to provide effective safety. The O-R3 includes features such as laser scanners, built in gps, CCTV, Ariel security, ultrasonic sensors in order to detect intruders or suspicious activities in the guarded vicinity. With AI in the machines, humans have programmed robots with human level thinking at high speed to maximise security. Ultimately there is still manual control by people, who can authorise settings but all this advanced technology has made me wonder if the future will soon be run almost entirely by machines, it can be a scary thought to have less interaction with other people in the outside world and through out our daily lives. In the news there have been mini educational bots for children to grow up and learn with, people have also designed a human robot to imitate human thinking, and the process of reading and reacting to human emotions.

When we travel we are still accustomed to visiting places which sometimes have people at the door to act as security or to welcome us inside the building. Yet lot of things are automated these days to accommodate our modern lifestyle. When automatic doors were first introduced to us we required less effort of manually pulling or pushing the door open to enter and exit, this makes travelling more efficient and smooth. If in the future there are more security robots in place of people. The social standards between humans and robots may change. Would robots have authority over people? If we see human guards at an entrance for instance, we are aware there is a code of behaviour to act in a orderly mannered way, because there are other people present, and there is a person directly watching we may be more concerned about social etiquettes such as maintaining a que.