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The curious kind

This extract is a real account where the author Takashi Hiraide writes from his perspective, observing the behaviour of their neighbour’s cat. At his home in Japan, Hiraide and his wife often get a brief visit from the cat next door, and through time, the cat once a stranger soon warms to the home belonging to Hiraide and his wife Michiyo Kawano.

I found this was an interesting outlook towards an animal behaviour compared to people behaviour when they approach certain paths and doorways. In the short excerpt from page nine to ten, it shows that the cat displays natural habits similar to humans, when a door is slightly open people would also have the curiosity to peek through the gap to see what’s on the other side. Using it as a gauge to see if it’s safe or if the place suits to our liking. In The guest cat, Hiraide mentions the cat peeks a lot in the process of passing by but never enters. In this sense, the cat seems aware that Hiraide’s home is not her territory which is why she keeps a distant, even if she is not human the cat senses the human’s boundaries too. Whether it is safe for her to enter, if she likes the area on the other side, whether the owners would welcome her or if the cat would warm to the owners there are many factors to take into account in addition to the boundaries given off by the place of interest.