Teleportation and Flying cars

Speed into the future

When I was younger, I was asked that if I were to have a special power, what would it be? While some chose invisibility or flying in air, I always dreamed of having teleporting abilities, with a click and a snap suddenly appear at the destination in mind.

Transport is always evolving with new ideas that will enhance speed. People are required to walk less to get from A to B. From when people powered carts, to using horses to power the carriages. Cars, buses, tubes, planes these existing modes of transport are efficient and are still continuing to grow. I recently read an article on the online magazine Dezeen, that Oiio an architect firm has suggested a new mode of transport for the developing future. Proposing clear pods that operates on artificial intelligence with or without wheels. Ubers recently new partnership with NASA has plans to create flying cars by 2020. Taking all these new developments into account, I find society is actively progressing into a utopia where all our needs are supplied for. People are predominately ground based, with technology rapidly advancing it appears we are looking into a future where we may live life revolving more around an airborne lifestyle.

This brings me back to the thought of teleportation. I was drawn to the idea that if human teleporting does exist, it would be more efficient with time and hassle free. To teleport is still a concept often portrayed in films or dramas where people jump between portals in an instant. Whether teleporting is linked with the idea of magic like in Harry potter, or a more science based mode of transport such as Doctor Who. It is still understood as fictional matter. Human teleportation doesn’t yet exist in real form. But transmitting a particle has been proven to succeed by scientists. It seems that in this current time with progressive technology transportation may just be a possibility in the future… What humans didn’t think was possible in the past is now a possibility in the future.

The thought about modes of transport does slightly steer away from the original topic of routes and entrances, but I thought about the way we travel and how we’ve come a long way no longer bounded by gravity, people are more resourceful with their design in order to find faster solutions to travel such as planes and future flying cars. Whereas walking takes longer and can be exhausting. Sometimes when you choose a mode of transport such as a car or travelling by the underground tube I find that there is a barrier from the outside world. When I’m in a car or tube carriage it feels like I’m encased in a bubble, disconnected from the main streets since I’m only travelling in a straight route with vehicle walls surrounding me.

Simply by walking, I’m able to see the surroundings that shape the path I walk through and experience the change between one place into another. Knowing which areas are accessible which areas are not from every turn of the corner at every street.