Throughout these expanded practice weeks, the territories and boundaries theme has given me a better insight into what contributes to creating the invisible boundaries that often go unlooked while travelling. From the places, I have visited and documented in my blog, I touched on the themes of materials and aesthetics. Documenting with a blog has enabled me to think about the bigger context surrounding my theme of passages. As I found myself discussing the matter of private territories that appear public and public spaces which reflects an unapproachable vibe such as the open metal gate by the river.

During midway into my blog I found that I wasn’t progressing as much as I would have imagined, since I have been documenting a lot of outside visits and my primary focus was on routes and entrances I thought that I needed to branch out and research elsewhere. From visiting different locations such as Neal’s yard and near Pimlico, they were mainly from my perspective and observations, although I found interesting points from different locations I found my research a little repetitive since I was still discussing the matter of materials and appearances. I wanted to expand a little more. While visiting Ladbroke grove didn’t help me as much as I would have envisioned, perhaps because I have been carrying out my own visits outside. Visiting the RA to look at a different viewpoint through other people’s minds and through a different media has been an interesting approach. Their theme on challenging one’s perspective on the surface was intriguing and inspired me to pursue the route of looking at things at different perspectives. During my one to one tutorial, Grace has also reminded me to look into other research sources as well as outside visits and books. This includes TV, theatre, while I kept that in mind, I unfortunately wasn’t able to find related content to current TV/theatre to link with my blog subject. I find this feature of research was lacking in my blog. I aimed to balance this by broadening my area of research to look at an animals behaviour compared to humans as well as technology and its impact on how we travel day to day. When I first started this blog I didn’t think I would be looking into technology but is has been eye-opening to also be talking about current affairs, and how people behave in this modern society.

For my final piece I have done a series of illustrations depicting different types of entrances. I was inspired by Neal’s Yard’s variety of appearances. I have placed the doorways on the same page as a collection and to act as a comparison. When the viewer looks at the different images which door are they drawn to?  Which one are they more inclined to walk through if they approached it in real life? Throughout my expanded practice I find that appearance has a large influence on how we perceive a place, sometimes we set our own boundaries due to our own safety sometimes the location sets a subtle boundary through its materials, colour and whether it’s a public or private area.

I have also considered the layout of my blog in which each post is a rectangular portal. Particularly the ones with images once you click on the front image you’ll transition into the other side of the image, much like the theme of passages you walk through an entrance to be revealed another place. In my blog for instance you see an open gate and then once you click on it you’ll see the other unexpected side.